Chalan Williamson (US)


Chalan Clark Williamson (US)
Guitar, vocal
Language: English

Chalan Williamson is a versatile Guitarist/Soloist, with genres ranging from Country, rock n roll, Blues,
Jazz, Folk Rock and  International Standard and he  is very good with a crowd,
making him a good choice when booking your entertainment for any occasion.

Chalan was born in a small town named Jamestown just 90 miles south of Buffalo NY.
His talents as a musician grew as he started with the piano but eventually
he moved on to the guitar. He began playing at small bars, in general the ones his parents were
familiar with, for little or no money, but kept plugging  away.

Eventually he moved to Houston, where he cleaned chemical containers for almost a year.
Realizing that he was unhappy in his current job, he moved on to playing music full time.
In the summer of 2001 he moved to Louisiana where he lived just 45 minutes away from
New Orleans. He started gigging 6 nights a week all before the age of 20,
eventually started on his way back to New York.

After app. 3 years and many appearances all over the Western NY area, he started gigging in Europe, different countries all over Scandinavia such as Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden just to name a few. These days Chalan is a professional musician playing all over the world.

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