George Yonkov (BG)


Georgi Yonkov Georgiev (BG)
Guitar, vocal
Language: English

Georgi Yonkov is a Bulgarian singer, guitarist and composer.
He represents the next generation of  talented performers and composers from that country.
His sound is fresh, inviting and evocative and his rich timbre
goes from low to high notes, making it memorable.

George has that unique skill to reproduce to each person the feeling called “music”,
that’s the way he touches every one of you – the listeners.
He will take you on a walk along the unforgettable sound path of country rock, blues,
Rock`n`Roll and R&B from the early 50s and 60s, through pop, funk, soul and new wave
which gathered more and more strength in the 80s, reaching our modern destinations of songs and styles 
Brit pop, alternative, indie rock, grunge and even pop punk.

George Yonkov will impress you with his always charming smile and handsome appearance;
the only thing left is to share the moment before it`s gone.

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