Sean Mormelo (US)


Sean Michael Mormelo (US)
Guitar, vocal
Language: English

Living and breathing music 24/7, his craving for adventure, travel and meeting new people, and the inability to focus on anything but music, has lead Sean to embark on his current path. 

Sean’s live performances are where his incredible talent surpasses the myriad of other solo singer songwriters. His guitar playing is accomplished and rich, and his expressive vocal range soars from a low growl to a piercing high tenor. With these versatile skills, Sean can sing and play anything from very intricate Dave Matthews style acoustic with complex bluesy vocal riffing on top, to SRV style Texas Blues, to expressive finger style, or subtle beautifully melodic voicings. You just have to see a show to experience the depth of his skills as a solo performer. Sean is also an accomplished Multi-instrumentalist equally adept on acoustic, electric, Bass guitar, keys, percussion, and harmonica. Sean gracefully covers all areas of vocal arranging and singing including lead, harmony, and backup vocals.

Facts about Sean: Loves his co-dependant cats, unbearably misses his friends and family, rarely watches TV but is curiously addicted to the Weather Channel, is a computer geek and gearhead, spends many hours a day online and has withdrawals if disconnected, is a budding web designer, graphic designer, video editor, and slave to digital media.

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