Iannis (GR)


Ioannis Pispas (GR)
Guitar, vocal
Language: English

Iannis was born in Veroia in North Greece in October 1972. At the age of seven he started piano lessons
at the National Greek Conservatoire in Athens. A year later he moved to Germany with his family,
where he stayed for 3 years. Here he continued his piano studies but when he returned to Athens
he was mostly interested in guitar playing and singing.

At the age of 17 Iannis gave his first concert with his band ‘Heads or Tails’ at the Rodon live venue.
This started his music career and he joined many music bands. He studied vocals at the Philipos Nakas conservatory and he won the first prize with his band Electra at the Philipos Nakas band contest.
He received a grant of 3,000 euros in order to attend vocal and acting lessons by the soprano singer
Anna Alexopoulou. In 2003 he signed his first contract with Universal Records Company and he released the CD single ‘Mono ta ftera sou na ha’ with his band Electra.

After giving many live performances at the most well-known music venues of Athens,
he continued his career abroad.
Since 2003 he has been giving live performances in Denmark, Switzerland and in other European countries.

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