Des Richards (UK)


Desmond Andrew Richards (UK)
Guitar, vocal
Language: English

Des Richards was born and grew up in South Wales, he had an interest in music from an early age.
His career began playing the local workingmens clubs and pubs in and around the South Wales area.
This lead to him joining a local country band named Clovis, as lead guitarist and backing vocals.
Clovis became one of the most popular country bands in the UK.
Winning more club awards than any other band in the period that Des was with them.

After leaving Clovis, Des was highly sought after and eventually joined the Kelvin Henderson Band
with whom he toured the UK and Europe extensively. With the Kelvin Henderson Band,
Des met many of his musical heroes and influences such as Albert Lee, Sonny Curtis,
Willie Nelson and Guy Clarke. After leaving the Kelvin Henderson band Des worked
as a session musician with a wide range of bands with a multitude of musical styles.

In 1998 Des moved to Denmark and joined the troubadour circuit and travelled extensively around Scandinavia and the north of Europe, just one man and his guitar.
He was highly sought after in Scandinavia and was fast becoming one of the most popular artists
on the circuit. Des also has a love of Irish music and spent three years in the last ten
living in Ireland soaking up the Irish music.

Pubs, Clubs, Festivals, Arenas, Concert Halls, Holiday Camps, Cruisers, Television and Radio –
Des has played them all. He is just as comfortable playing in an intimate bar, unplugged as playing lead electric guitar in an arena. He has a vast range of musical styles and has a song to suit everyone.
Now just as recognised for his singing voice as his guitar playing, if you attend one of his gigs,
you will not be disappointed. Des’ repertoire covers a massive catalogue of well known
and even less well known songs by many artists. At one of Des’s Gigs you will hear songs
from many different genres – Rock classics, Motown Classics, Reggae, Ballads, Country,
Love Songs and Irish Classics as well as all the usual crowd pleasers.
There is something for everyone.